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Urgent Need - Another baby joins the family!

Today I want to tell you about an urgent need.

Open Arms is one of only two organizations in Eldoret, Kenya who welcomes babies. They may require more time, personal care, and expense than older children...but they are so worth it!

A Kenyan woman in a floral green dress tenderly holds an infant wrapped in a soft teddy bear blanket.

Just last month, a precious baby boy named Billy joined the Open Arms family.

In Kenyan culture, a child like Billy, conceived in rape or incest, is considered cursed. It's the responsibility of a family member or tribal leader to kill the child at birth.

It's hard to hear these facts. But even this story has hope! Little Billy was rescued by a Good Samaritan and brought to government officials for protection. The officials turned to us, and we welcomed Billy with Open Arms.

Now we need your help! We cannot care for little ones like Billy without you.

Just $11 provides one day of care at Open Arms Village. That means one day of nutritious food, clean water, warm clothes, medical care, a safe bed, and the love of a family.

How many days of care can you provide?

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