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Though Romania has progressed economically since the fall of communism, many continue to suffer under the weight of extreme poverty, lack of social services, and severe economic and educational disparity among ethnic groups and regions.

Denisa Care Center


Denisa Day Care Center was opened to support children who are trapped in poverty and illiteracy.

Without the Denisa Care Center, the children would be at great risk of malnutrition, dropping out of school, becoming involved in illegal activities, being targeted for human trafficking, child marriage, and child pregnancy. 

With your help, these children can come to know the Good News of Jesus and find true hope for their future.

Support Romania Today

Sponsor a child at Denisa Care Center, support Cami, or support the Romania project as a whole.

Contact Your Sponsor Child

Thank you for sponsoring a child at Denisa Care Center! Complete the contact form to send a message and picture to your sponsor child. 

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