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Urgent Need in Kenya

You may have seen in the news the urgent situation in Kenya. Heavy rains have caused flooding causing devastation throughout Kenya. Rivers have burst their banks, dams have given way and many areas have been submerged in water.


The numbers are overwhelming. More than 55,000 families have been displaced and 315 people have lost their lives. Countless people have no way to feed their families.


The impact of the rains and flooding has hit close to home. Many children attending our Open Arms Academy are among the poorest families in the community, living in mud houses offering little protection from the elements.


Their humble homes were not built to withstand such extreme weather and have suffered severe damage from the unrelenting rains. Without adequate shelter, our kids’ health and well-being are at risk.


We have identified 10 houses that no longer offer shelter and safety to our children like Angela.  To ensure our kids can stay dry and warm, we urgently need to repair these homes.

"I had traveled to see family. That night, I got a frantic call from my daughter saying, 'Mama, the floods we've been hearing about are here. There is water everywhere, we have no dry place to sleep.”

        – Angela’s mother

The heavy rains have also caused destruction at Open Arms Village, where orphaned and abandoned children are receiving 24 hour care. The constant downpours caused power surges which damaged electrical equipment and also left many of the children’s homes with significant water damage and dangerous mold issues.


Your help is urgently needed to raise $21,000. Will you stand by our children and their families who desperately need our help by providing essential repairs?

A donation of $56 can help replace the metal roof for a family’s mud home or $212 could help repair one of our children’s homes at Open Arms Village but any donation you can make would be gratefully received.


Will you provide vital repairs and bring hope to the urgent situation in Kenya?


Thank you,


Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International

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