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School Break

Updated: May 10, 2022

I remember when my kids were young, how much they looked forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks from school. The kids at Open Arms Village do, too! I guess some things don't change across continents and cultures.

Did you know that when you give $11 to provide a day of life for a child at the Village, part of that money goes towards their education? It covers school supplies, a hot breakfast and lunch during the day, uniforms, shoes, and most importantly - the salary of the incredible teachers at Open Arms Academy.

Once again, I think this is something that transcends our cultures: a deep love of teachers for the students they serve. Teaching is a calling, no matter where you live! 

When teachers love Jesus like ours do, they show the love of Christ to every child in their classroom. "For God so loved the children at Open Arms Village, that He gave them Teacher Caroline...Teacher Betty...Teacher Moses."

Not only do our children get a high-quality, Christ-centered education; they are also mentored by safe, caring adults who want to awaken their God-given potential. That's what your support does! 

Your gift of $11 provides a day of life for a child in need - including education and mentorship through Open Arms Academy. 

Here in Kenya, we see children thriving - thanks to you! Will you pray for an outpouring of financial blessing during this season of financial need for Open Arms? The Open Arms Village model is working. God is moving powerfully in their lives, but there is much more to do. 

We need your help. How many days of life can you provide for a vulnerable child? Would you give $77 for a week of life-giving care? $330 for a month of life-giving hope and holistic healing? Just visit and choose the number of days God is placing on your heart. Whatever the gift, I am eternally grateful.

Serving with you,

Kaytie Fiedler Executive Director, Open Arms USA

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