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A beautiful baby girl arrived at Open Arms Village almost five years ago. Her name is Queen. Her mother was only 12 years old when she arrived home early from school and was assaulted by her uncle.

He told her that he would kill her family if she said anything.

The little girl became pregnant. She told her mother she was pregnant and they tried to hide it for as long as they could, but soon the villagers found out.

They told her mother that the only way that the village would not live under

a curse is if they killed both mother and child.

Queen’s grandmother negotiated with the villagers and promised them they would give away the baby when it was born. After Queen's birth, they brought her to Open Arms Village.

The mother's only request was that her baby would be loved just as much as if she was still with her mother.

Despite the circumstances surrounding her birth, Queen is growing in a hard place. She is happy, healthy and she just started school.

Queen’s mother went back to school. She hopes that she can get an education and a good job. She hopes to one day take her child and live with her in a different place away from the danger and stigma of her village.

Because there was a place for Queen to go, she and her mother were not killed. Your gifts to support Open Arms Village have saved Queen and her young mother from certain death. You saved their lives.

Thank you!

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International US

P.S. We are raising $150,000 to support the care of children in hard places in Kenya and Romania, and we can't do it without you. Will you answer the call to be a child rescuer with us? You can give right now when you click this link:

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