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No Shoes

Can you imagine not owning a pair of shoes?

Children from our community love attending Open Arms Academy because they know their basic needs will be met. Your donations offer them not only life-changing education but also healthy meals, medical care, school uniforms...and shoes! I wish you could see their delight when they received those brand-new shoes!

Most of our kids walk a long way to get to school every day. One little boy walks over 4.5 miles each way! And if they make that walk without shoes, they risk dangerous cuts or worm infestations called jiggers. These kinds of infections can be life-threatening, especially for our kids who are HIV positive.

For just $44, you can provide new shoes for two students! But your generosity has an impact far beyond $44. Those shoes allow a child to go to school, to play, and to be safe from so many diseases.

There are just a few more days before school starts up again. Would you provide the gift of life-saving, life-changing shoes today?

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