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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Mircea was abandoned by his parents when he was very young and was raised by a foster family.

Though Mircea doesn’t have any memories of his life with his birth parents, his behavior indicated that he had an extremely difficult start in life.

Mircea was very troubled when he began coming to Denisa at age six. He would regularly draw pictures of dead people or people buried underground. Most of his drawings were colored in black.

Mircea’s foster family asked Denisa for help with him and he was warmly welcomed into the Denisa family. It did not take very long for Mircea to learn that Denisa was a place where he felt very loved and secure, quickly becoming one of the most loving children in the program.

Mircea’s progress was amazing! Not only did his grades improve in school, but he began to dream. He began to talk about his future, realizing that he had the same potential as every other child. He was no longer hopeless.

Mircea is now a college graduate! He continues to stay closely connected with Denisa, frequently coming to serve as a volunteer whenever he is in the village.

Without the Denisa Care Center program, Mircea’s story would likely have been very different.

You can provide hope to children in Romania who are only surviving. Extreme poverty, abuse, neglect and abandonment have robbed many of their dream. They need someone to love and encourage them. Your donations are giving the life-giving gift of hope to other children just like Mircea.

You are providing a place for children from hard places to grow. Thank you!

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International US

URGENT UPDATE! Will you give now to help raise $150,000 to support the care of children in hard places in Kenya and Romania? We can't do it without you. Will you answer the call to be a child rescuer with us? You can give by clicking this link:

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