Lockdown Update

Updated: May 10

Many of you are staying at home with small children right now and know how exhausting full-time caregiving can be. Right now, several of our aunties are quarantined in the Baby Home with 13 infants.

One auntie shared, “This is not an easy time. I am staying with these babies here full time while my own children are at home. I know someone might ask me why I am not at home with my family, but what they may not understand is that these babies are also my family. So, I am staying here, and even though I can’t help but be anxious about how people are coping at home, I cannot be away from my babies when they need me the most.”

Quite a few of our little ones have chronic medical conditions that require ongoing medication, in addition to basic needs like diapers and formula. Stocking up on these supplies for a lockdown wasn’t in our budget for the year.

Would you meet this urgent need? You can give right now at www.OpenArmsInternational.org/donate.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Open Arms Village during this time!

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