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Lockdown Update

Updated: May 10, 2022

Many of you are staying at home with small children right now and know how exhausting full-time caregiving can be. Right now, several of our aunties are quarantined in the Baby Home with 13 infants.

One auntie shared, “This is not an easy time. I am staying with these babies here full time while my own children are at home. I know someone might ask me why I am not at home with my family, but what they may not understand is that these babies are also my family. So, I am staying here, and even though I can’t help but be anxious about how people are coping at home, I cannot be away from my babies when they need me the most.”

Quite a few of our little ones have chronic medical conditions that require ongoing medication, in addition to basic needs like diapers and formula. Stocking up on these supplies for a lockdown wasn’t in our budget for the year.

Would you meet this urgent need? You can give right now at

Thank you for continuing to pray for Open Arms Village during this time!

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