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Cabbage Patch Match

Updated: May 9, 2022

Today I want to tell you about an Open Arms Village hero!

A few days back, a young woman appeared at our gate. Ruth had called Open Arms Village home for several years until we were able to locate family in the nearby community. With a little support, they were thrilled to welcome her home! But Ruth didn’t forget her family at the Village.

When COVID-19 hit close to home, Ruth gave sacrificially from the little that she had and brought us TWO BAGS of cabbages grown in her garden. She wanted to make sure her brothers and sisters had the food they needed during the lockdown.

So how much were those cabbages worth? You can buy them for $27 at a Kenyan market – but to us, they were priceless!

Here’s my challenge to you - match Ruth's gift!

In the next few weeks, many of us will be receiving a little extra unplanned income through the stimulus checks. Would you match Ruth's generosity and send $27 or more to Open Arms International?

You can give right now at

Your gift will provide food, medications, and other essentials for the children of Open Arms Village during the COVID-19 lockdown.

We are thankful for how God is growing and shaping our children as they transition into adulthood and become heroes in their communities. Your support makes that possible, even in the hardest times!

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