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Back to School 2019

Our Back-to-School Campaign is here!! 

Join us as we raise $25,000 by August 31st! It's a BIG goal to meet a BIG need.


For some of our students, school is the difference between life and death.

While that might sound dramatic, it's the truth! Remember Abel? (if you missed his story, read it HERE). The only meal Abel receives each day is his school lunch, and the teachers at Open Arms Academy are the only safe adults in his life. They are the bridge between the hurt of his past and the hope of his future!

When you support Open Arms, you make sure his teachers are paid a fair wage. You also provide school supplies, uniforms, shoes, food, and medical care for every student at Open Arms Academy. Your gift changes lives!

As you pray for your own kids and grandkids returning to school, please pray for the children like Abel who are returning to Open Arms Academy. And would you consider an additional $100 donation to Open Arms to provide for the back-to-school expenses of one of the 250 students that attend Open Arms Academy?

Thank you!

Jeannie McArthur Finance & HR, US Office

Prayer Focus

Pray with us for the teachers at Open Arms Academy as they serve these precious children. Pray that they would not only educate their minds but touch their hearts and souls with the love of Jesus.

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