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Back to School

It came as a surprise to everyone last week when the Kenyan Ministry of Education announced that children in certain grades would be returning to school soon. Very soon! In fact, schools in Kenya were only given six days to prepare for children to return to the classroom. The guidelines were very stringent and many schools were unable to meet the requirements.

Sadly, 196 private schools in Kenya had to close their doors permanently due to lack of funding that would allow them to comply with the new rules put in place to keep children safe from Coronavirus. These closures mean many children are left without an education.

But thanks to you, the children at Open Arms Academy have returned to their classrooms and they are so happy about it!

“I really like coming to school. They care for us and give us enough nutritious food. It’s going to be some time before I go hungry again”

“I had missed my friends, my teachers and learning. Seeing the hardship everyone has been facing makes me want to study harder and get a good job so that I can have something when there is an emergency like this one.”

Your gifts to Open Arms International allow children the opportunity to continue to learn. You are changing young lives in Kenya! Thank you!

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