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Welcoming a New Baby

At Open Arms Village, every new baby is celebrated as a precious gift from God. Here, the aunties in the baby home welcome the newest arrival, a baby boy that was abandoned at a hospital. He now has a family and a home!

Because of supporters like you, we had the resources to immediately give this precious baby boy a safe home, medical care, nutritious food, and around-the-clock care. 

Would you like to continue to bring hope into the lives of babies like this little one? 

The generosity of monthly givers enables us to say yes to rescuing babies whenever the need arises and commit to ensuring the needs of every child at Open Arms Village are met every month. When you become a monthly giver, you will have a long lasting impact.  

Will you join the Circle of H.O.P.E. by becoming a monthly giver? By becoming part of this amazing community you will make it possible for us to rescue kids whenever we are needed and you will receive regular updates on the incredible children you are helping to rescue.

It’s simple to sign up and you can choose any amount from as little as $5 to help the children every month. Just click here:

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