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Village Christmas Stories

Updated: May 5, 2022

I love watching kids during Christmas. Their joy is so contagious! And this joy is greatly multiplied when 157 children all celebrate together!

Enjoy this update from Kenya:

"From Maasai warriors wearing Santa hats to donkeys bringing sleighs with gifts, this year gave us one of the most unique Christmases in recent history. Kenyans rejoiced in the most creative ways ensuring that we make the most of our blessings this year. Parents at Open Arms started early making traditional Christmas meals for the children. The children dressed up in their new Christmas outfits, ready to start the day. A little after breakfast, they were called to the field where they received one of the best surprises ever: A giant water slide was provided by a generous donor in Kenya! The Christmas outfits were promptly exchanged for swimsuits. What followed was 4 fun-filled days at the water slide. More than anything, the children seemed so happy to be spending time together doing something fun."

One of our older girls said, “I am happy that we were able to celebrate Christmas together this year. A lot of people did not see this day and some people were ill during Christmas. But every child at Open Arms made it to this day. I think that is the best Christmas gift I could receive.”

The children were so blessed by your generosity and love. What an example of God's love you have provided! Thank you!

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