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Since December, Jaali and Three Other Babies Have Been Rescued

Recently, I told you about Jaali, a toddler that had been abandoned on the streets of Kenya.

Thankfully, with your help, Open Arms Village was able to welcome Jaali and three other recently rescued babies into a big family where they will be wrapped in protection, healing, and the unconditional love of their Heavenly Father.

Open Arms Village is home to 130 children just like Jaali who have been orphaned and abandoned and had no one in the world until you stepped in.

Today, with your help, children like Jaali can receive the intensive medical treatment needed to overcome early malnutrition, 24-hour care by certified Kenyan caregivers, nutritious food, warm clothing, and clean water. For just $54, you can provide a baby with all they need to thrive for a week. Will you say YES to caring for Jaali and others like him who need your help? With heartfelt gratitude, Kaytie Fiedler Executive Director, Open Arms International

P.S. Since December, Jaali and three other babies have been rescued. Will you give today to enable us to keep saying YES?

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