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Roberto came into the Denisa Care Center program last September. He had been living with his father in another village, having been abandoned by his mother years ago.

Sadly, Roberto had recently found his father dead in their home. Roberto was taken in by his mother, who he barely knew. She had remarried and started another family. He had to quickly adjust to a new family in a new place.

Roberto’s mother is uneducated and could not help him with his homework. She knew Denisa was the only way he could stay in school.

Roberto’s family is extremely poor. His stepfather works out of the country but sends little money home. Roberto is glad when his stepfather is away. He tells his teachers that his family is happier and more peaceful.

Though only eight years old, Roberto is required to be the man of the house, caring for the animals and working hard at home.

Roberto comes to Denisa Care Center every day full of enthusiasm and gratitude for all he receives there. Denisa provides him a place of peace, comfort and acceptance he doesn’t find at home.

He is learning to trust the teachers and beginning to recover from the trauma he has experienced. Roberto is in a very hard place.

Loss, transition, abuse and extreme poverty have left him in desperate need of a place where he is safe, protected and loved. Denisa Care Center is that safe place that Roberto desperately needed. It is the place where he finds the strength to grow despite his circumstances.

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International US

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