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Remember Joshua?

It was in November a couple of years ago when a young woman walked into a maternity ward in Kenya, prepared to deliver a baby that she knew she would not be able to care for. She knew that sometimes love means letting go so the person you care for can have a better future.

On that day, a little, delightful ray of sunshine was born. His name was Joshua. Soon after, thanks to your kind support, Joshua was able to come home to Open Arms Village.


When he arrived at the village, there was great rejoicing. Even before he was carried through the doorway of the baby home, the staff sang and danced, welcoming him to his new home.

It is in this home where aunties were delighted when he learned how to sit and then started crawling. It is in this home where they sang to him as he tried to stand on his own until he started walking. This is where he grew his first teeth and learned how to eat on his own, and it is in this same home where he is now learning to talk.

Our little Joshua is very smart. He likes going for walks and enjoys drawing on the ground with chalk. He is a very good listener and learns people’s names quite fast. We are grateful that Joshua is healthy and strong and is developing so well.


It is an honor for us to care for this delightful toddler, as well as all of the babies in the baby home at Open Arms Village. Because of you, Joshua's future is so bright. Thank you for caring for children like Joshua. You have given him hope.




Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International 

Open Arms staff welcoming a new baby home

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