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Meet Samuel

Updated: May 7, 2022

In the last few months, the older children from Open Arms Village have stepped up and given generously of their time, resources, and presence during the coronavirus shutdown. It’s amazing to see their leadership, selflessness, and trust in the Lord shine through!

Samuel is one of those young men. He came to Open Arms Village as a toddler. Both his parents had died, and his older brother wasn’t able to care for him.

Even as a little one, Samuel showed exceptional discipline and work ethic. He especially loved working with the animals on the farm.

Now a teenager, Samuel completed his 8th-grade exams last fall and was accepted into a wonderful high school. He was also able to exit Open Arms Village and rejoin his brother, who is able to support both of them.

His brother never missed an opportunity to visit Samuel at the Village, and the two remained close. Together, they now raise chickens and grow vegetables. They’re continuing to provide good food for their community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Samuel’s brother told us, “My little brother is very disciplined and kind. He often says that I am his role model, but he is the one who inspires me to be better.”

Your support gives kids like Samuel a chance to live – and to thrive! They are becoming followers of Jesus and leaders in their community, just like we’ve prayed they would be.

Thank you for being a part of Samuel’s story!

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