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Updated: May 4, 2022

H.O.P.E. is the foundation of Open Arms International.

H is for homes

O is for outreach

P is for purpose

E is for empowerment

Today I want to share a story about empowerment.

Ben, an Open Arms Village employee, lives in a nearby village. He had spent many hours at Open Arms learning about water management from "Babu Ted" Whiteman, a long term missionary at Open Arms Village.

Ben wanted to implement what he was learning in his own village, where there was no running water. He felt confident that he could create a system of pipes to bring water to his village for a nearby river, but the process would not be cheap or easy since the river was over half a mile away. But Ben knew that running water could change the lives of his family and friends in his village.

He talked to his neighbors to ask for their help, but no one thought it would work. But Ben, empowered by the knowledge he had gained, went to work alone. He even sold one of his four cows to finance his project. He knew it would work!

After digging a series of long trenches, he successfully piped running water to his house and is now sharing with those in his village. Ben now owns the largest tree nursery in the area, as well as a thriving farm.

Ben, as well as many others, have seen their lives changed by the things they have learned at Open Arms Village. And your support is what makes this happen!

Many blessings,

Kaytie Fiedler Executive Director, Open Arms International US

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