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Creative Minds

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Today I want to tell you about some amazing kids and their creative work through the Social Enterprise club at Open Arms Academy. There have been numerous inventions and creations since the club started two years ago. Here are a few of the unique products developed so far:

Motorcycle/ Bicycle

A group of third and fourth graders made a bicycle that could also be a motorcycle. It is crafted from wood, with its tires from an old wheelbarrow and an scrap bicycle. The children also made a metal looking body for the bike from paper and foil. The bike undergoes constant modification as the boys continue to improve on their invention.

Water Filter

A girls from the community that attends Open Arms Academy made a water filter from wool, pieces of a silk cloth, sand, gravel and soap stone from the river. She explains that the filter can be made by anyone and that it is important for people who may not have fuel to boil their water to use filters. Since the materials are easily accessible by anyone in the area, she hopes that this simple filtration system can be effective for families living in poor communities.


One of the boys from Open Arms Village is attempting to develop the best bean plant for the soil in Mlango, the area surrounding the Village. He got the idea after he learned how plants tend to do better in certain areas than they do in others after they adapt.

Another group of children have also been involved in planting different flowers that facilitate an improvement in honey yield from the beehives at Open Arms. These plants will be instrumental in increasing the number of bees at the Open Arms apiary.

Your generosity has allowed these children to have a safe place to grow, learn and create. Each child has amazing potential and will, with God's grace and your continued help, develop into a Jesus loving young person that will be a blessing to this world.

Thank you for giving these children a chance!

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International US

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