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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Angela certainly knows about hard places. Even at the young age of nine years old, she has known suffering and hardship.

Angela's father is developmentally handicapped and works as a shepherd. Her mother is illiterate. Neither of her parents are able to help Angela with her homework.

Recently, Angela's mother left and moved in with another man in their village. Though Angela walks by her house frequently, her mother refuses to speak to her.

The trauma of abandonment and extreme poverty has taken a toll on Angela.

When she began to attend Denisa Care Center's program, she was extremely shy and scared. Anytime the teacher would speak to her, she would cry.

Angela would not talk to anyone. She was often dirty and didn't have any decent clothing.

Now, after two years, Angela has shown huge improvement in her social skills. Though she still struggles in school, she is talkative, more self-confident, and knows that she has a place where she belongs.

Many children in Romania have no place to grow. Left without encouragement, mentoring and love, they may survive, but never thrive.

With your help, more children can be welcomed into the Denisa Care Center program. Your gift will give them a place to grow, even in the hard places of their daily lives.

Thank you for being the reason children in Romania can thrive. You are changing lives!

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International US

URGENT UPDATE! A friend of Open Arms has offered a $40,000 CHALLENGE MATCH! Now is the time to DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Will you give now to help raise $150,000 to support the care of children in hard places in Kenya and Romania? We can't do it without you. Will you answer the call to be a child rescuer with us? You can give by clicking this link:

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