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Ruth was rescued in November of last year, right after she was born. Immediately after her birth, she was dumped in a pit latrine near a local high school.

The chemicals in the pit latrine were burning her skin and she was crying.

Thankfully, a teacher heard her cries and went for help.

The situation was so critical that someone jumped in the latrine to save her because they knew if they didn't get her out in time, she would die.

The rescuers cleaned her as best as they could and took her to the hospital where she stayed for two months in critical condition.

After two months, the burns on her skin had healed and her blood was no longer toxic. It was time for Ruth to have a home, so the Child Welfare Officer called Open Arms and asked if Ruth could come live at the Village.

Ruth was received by her caregivers at Open Arms with great joy. They were so excited to bring a new baby into the family. After extensive research at the school, there is still no trace of Ruth's mother. So, we have taken the responsibility and become Ruth's family.

Now, Ruth is safe. But there are many other babies in desperate need of the help that Open Arms Village provides.

With your help, many more babies can be rescued from certain death. You can provide a loving and safe place for children that have been thrown away to grow.

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International US

P.S. This is the final week! We have not yet raised $150, 000 to help children growing in hard places. You can help now by clicking this link to

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