We all need the support of friends and family to achieve this goal of Transforming Africa, One Life at A Time. Fundraising is inviting people to participate, and transform Africa, with you. Through prayer, helping you host an event, and/or giving a financial gift, together, you will be transformed, and you will see lives transformed.  

We would love to see you passion for relieving suffering in Kenya married with a passion you have right here in the United States. Today, you can start a fundraiser that will Transform Africa. Whether you're completing in a race, challenging your friends on Facebook, or coming up with your own creative idea, your passion will help those in Kenya. Get Started Now! You can select an option below or come up with your own idea!

Host an event or speak to a group

You can host a fundraising event at your home or speak at your church. Connect with our development coordinator if you have another idea; she would love to hear from you and can provide:

  • Examples of event invitations/letters/emails
  • Videos explaining the mission of Open Arms International
  • Pictures and props from Kenya
  • Speaking points
  • Fact about poverty in Africa and Kenya
  • Statics about OAI 
  • Information about how YOU play an important role in Transforming Africa, One Life at a Time
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Online Fundraising

Join one of the online fundraising campaigns below or create you own! (Open Arms uses Classy, a fundraising platform where YOU can create and personalize your own fundraising page to share with friends and family.)


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Have a different ideas? Tell us about it!

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