There are 3 different ways in which you can sponsor!

OPen Arms Village Child

Open Arms Academy Student

Mlango Community

Open Arms Village 

Open Arms Village is home to 150 wonderful children.  

Before joining the Open Arms family, most of these precious children were orphaned, abandoned or living in unsafe conditions. Within our 9 family homes, each family is home to up to 18 ‘brothers and sisters’. Cared for by a loving mother and father, each child is surrounded by love and all of their needs are met. We also have a ‘baby’ home on site, which provides dedicated ‘round the clock’ care for all babies under the age of 2.

For just $1.50 a day, YOU can help provide holistic care for a child rescued from unimaginable circumstances.

Leon's Story

Leon's story is a miracle! He came to Open Arms listless and very malnourished. Through the generosity of sponsors, like you, Leon is a healthy, strong little boy today! 

Leon (1).png

Open Arms Academy Community

For most parents and children in Kenya, a quality education is seen as the best path out of poverty and into a secure future. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford the expenses involved in sending their children to school and many children in Kenya remain uneducated and illiterate. Open Arms Educational Sponsorship gives the disadvantaged children in the Mlango community the opportunity to attend the Open Arms Academy.

For less than $1.00 a day, you can help fund a child's educations. Your sponsorship will cover:

happy kids (4).png
  • Tuition
  • Exam fees
  • School lunches
  • Books/pencils/pens and other school supplies
  • Two school uniforms/pair of shoes
  • Contribution to emergency medical fund
  • Gym/Sports outfit
  • Backpack
  • Field trips/Outings

Mlango Community Development

For just $1.00 a day your support helps to transform lives through our Women's mentoring outreach program.

Our programs provides:


  • Basic life skills, hygiene, and business training.
  • Micro-loans for women to start their own businesses and become self-sufficient.