Join the Circle of H.O.P.E. and become a monthly Village Sponsor.


Every day, thousands of kids in Eldoret, Kenya struggle from complications brought on by extreme poverty. Hunger, preventable disease, homelessness, substance abuse and lack of parental care or supervision have left them vulnerable and hopeless.

But you can help!


The Circle of H.O.P.E. is a group of committed monthly givers making a lasting, life-changing difference. Members of the Circle of H.O.P.E. help meet the needs of every child at Open Arms Village each month while also making sure the doors stay open for more children in need of emergency care and rescue.

By joining the Circle of H.O.P.E., your monthly gift ensures that each of the 150+ children at the Village has a loving family, nutritious food, excellent medical care, top-notch education and so much more.

Your monthly gift will reach outside of the Village walls by impacting the surrounding community with the love of Jesus, food relief, education scholarships and emergency medical care. The Circle of H.O.P.E. is changing the area surrounding Open Arms Village.


H is for HOMES 

to rescue and restore the most vulnerable children.


to help local communities address problems at

their source.

P is for PURPOSE

to become who God created them to be.


to facilitate sustainable change and educate future generations.

Hope Open Arms International
Hope Open Arms International
Hope Open Arms Interntional
Hope Open Arms International

At Open Arms Village, hundreds of orphaned or vulnerable children have overcome the odds and joined a new family! 

We are passionate about forming strong relationships with our community to serve them with the love of Christ and inspire them to address the root causes of many issues facing Eldoret. 

Our homes, school, and church all operate with one goal: to help others understand who God is and who He’s created them to be.

This mission is God-sized – with a vision to inspire change that will last for generations to come!

In addition to education programs,  we also operate several sustainability projects. 

Village Sponsorship

We approach sponsorship a little bit differently. 

We love the children in our care deeply, and we know you do too. That’s why we don't match children directly to sponsors. By becoming a Village Sponsor, you can promote child protection and wise stewardship of funds in a community that so desperately needs widespread financial assistance. 

If you have more questions about Open Arms' village sponsorship model, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.