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Over 1.5 million children in Kenya

are living without a family

or hope for the future. 

YOU can help change that!

At Open Arms International, we have a mission to help people move from desperation to H.O.P.E.

H is for HOMES 

to rescue and restore the most vulnerable children.


to help local communities address problems at

their source.

P is for PURPOSE

to become who God created them to be.


to facilitate sustainable change and educate future generations.

Hope Open Arms International
Hope Open Arms International
Hope Open Arms Interntional
Hope Open Arms International

You can join this mission today and help thousands of people in Kenya move from desperation to H.O.P.E.

H.O.P.E. in Action


Join the Circle of H.O.P.E. and become a monthly Village Sponsor.


Every day, thousands of kids in Eldoret, Kenya struggle from complications brought on by extreme poverty. Hunger, preventable disease, homelessness, substance abuse and lack of parental care or supervision have left them vulnerable and hopeless.

But you can help!


Join the Circle of H.O.P.E., a group of committed monthly givers making a lasting, life-changing difference. Your monthly gift ensures that each of the 150+ children at the Village has a loving family, nutritious food, excellent medical care, top-notch education and so much more.​



Six years ago a young, single mother died. She left behind her three children- Anna (9 yrs), Getty (6 yrs) and James (4 yrs). They knew no family other than their mom. They were all alone.


The children were brought to Open Arms Village. They were so amazed to have a home, parents and enough food to eat every day. James could not believe he got his own mango and didn’t have to share it with anyone!


Though the children were thriving in their new family at the Village, the social workers at Open Arms never stopped looking for blood relatives of the children.


Recently, all of the searching paid off! Far away from the Village, the grandmother and great grandmother were found! They were so excited to hear that the children were safe and healthy!


Now, the social workers are continuing to work with the family to assure that these relationships will be healthy for the children.


What a joy to know that these precious children are surrounded by family at Open Arms Village and will, hopefully soon, be reunited with family that is overjoyed to know and love them.


The area surrounding Open Arms Village has been profoundly impacted by COVID-19. Even before this pandemic, the poverty was devastating. I'm sure you can imagine how the situation has worsened.

But Open Arms Village is a beacon of light in this dark place. Due to the kindness of generous

donors, the most desperate families in the area have been provided with staple food items, including rice, beans, eggs and cooking oil. Each food packet costs $23 and provides for a family of four for a month. This food is saving precious lives in the community.

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In rural Kenya, the birth of twins is seen as a curse and believed to bring calamity on a village. Often, the babies are killed in hopes of saving the village from disaster.


Open Arms Village is now home to 4 sets of twins! Each of those precious babies has a purpose and a destiny. We are so thankful that there is a place of safety where these children can grow to understand just how special they are!


The Circle of H.O.P.E. donors' generosity is saving lives every day. Maybe this is a part of YOUR purpose. 


Ben, an Open Arms Village employee, lives in a nearby village. He had spent many hours at Open Arms learning about water management from "Babu Ted," a long term missionary at Open Arms Village.


Ben wanted to implement what he was learning in his own village, where there was no running water. He felt confident that he could create a system of pipes to bring water to his village for a nearby river, but the process would not be cheap or easy since the river was over half a mile away. He knew that running water could change the lives of his family and friends in his village.


Ben talked to his neighbors to ask for their help, but no one thought it would work. Empowered by the knowledge he had gained, he went to work alone. He even sold one of his four cows to finance his project. He knew it would work!


After digging a series of long trenches, Ben successfully piped running water to his house and is now sharing with those in his village. He now owns the largest tree nursery in the area, as well as a thriving farm.

Ben, as well as many others, have seen their lives changed by the things they have learned at Open Arms Village. And the Circle of H.O.P.E. support is what makes this happen!


Hundreds of sponsors have already partnered with Open Arms International to bring HOPE to Kenya. YOUR partnership means every child will have every need met every month!

Join the Circle of H.O.P.E.

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