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You Were Made for This!

I am so thankful for the way God created you and then allowed us to be on the same team to bring His Kingdom of redemption to this broken world.

You were made for this! You were made to bring healing and hope to the lost and hurting. You were made to love and protect the abandoned and helpless.

You. Were. Made. For. This.

I am excited to share stories of His redemption with you in the pages of this magazine. You wrote these stories through your generosity and compassion for hurting children.

There are children in Kenya and Romania living completely different lives because of your involvement...your "yes". You chose to enter into their heart wrenching situations and not allow them to suffer alone.

Sadly, there are many more who continue to suffer alone. They need you to keep saying yes to one more child in desperate need. Your gifts and prayers will change their lives, too.

Every gift helps care for the children that have been rescued. Every monthly gift allows us to say yes to helping more children because we know you will be there month after month with your continued "yes".

As you continue to live out your destiny of being a child rescuer for God's Kingdom, you will experience the overwhelming joy of knowing children in very hard places now have a safe place to grow into their own beautiful destiny.

Blessings to you,

Kaytie Fiedler Executive Director, Open Arms International US

P.S. We are raising $150,000 to support the care of children in hard places in Kenya and Romania, and we can't do it without you. Will you answer the call to be a child rescuer with us?

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