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When it Rains it Pours

In Kenya, when it rains it pours!

No, we're not talking about rain from the sky. Kenya is still in the midst of a drought, and we're still asking for your prayers. We're talking about babies!

In the last week, another little one has joined the Open Arms family. Mary is dangerously malnourished and underweight. At 11 months old, she weighs less than 13 pounds. Her mother brewed alcohol and fed it to Mary to keep her quiet. Now, this precious little girl is fighting for her life.

Woman holding baby

As soon as the District Children’s Officer saw Mary's condition, they knew her best chance of survival would be at Open Arms. Her need is urgent!

We cannot care for Mary and the other babies without additional support. In the second half of last year alone, we received five babies within six months. This year, we've received three so far. In our local communities, all eyes are on Open Arms. The phones are still ringing with more babies needing a home. We need your help!

Only $11 provides a day of care at Open Arms Village for a baby like Mary. How many days can you provide?

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