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When God Chooses to Be Inefficient

I'm learning that God chooses to be inefficient. 

He could easily care for everyone and everything on earth. He wouldn't even break a sweat! But He chooses to partner with us - messy, imperfect, beautiful us.

John 3:16 is more than a message for the whole world, it's a message for each one of us - including the children at Open Arms Village!

For God so loved Mercy that He put her in our lives.

He surrounded her with parents and siblings at Open Arms Village who love her deeply and teach her about His love. And He's using you to make that possible!

Mercy didn't always know the safety of a family. She was found alone in a field of corn shortly after her birth, her umbilical cord still attached. My heart breaks for the pain her mother must've experienced and the desperation she must've felt to walk away from her baby that day.

God, in His deep love, noticed. He put a kind person on the path beside that cornfield who found little Mercy and carried her to a social worker who brought her to us. And now she is thriving!  

Each of us is called to do our part in caring for vulnerable children. Our staff in Kenya provide the gold-standard care that heals these children's hearts. Your prayers and support from across the world encourage and empower them to do this!

Your gift of $11 provides a day of life for a child in need - including loving parents who are helping Mercy feel safe and awaken her God-given potential. 

Here in Kenya, we see children thriving - thanks to you! The Open Arms Village model is working. God is moving powerfully in their lives, and there is much more to do. Will you pray for an outpouring of financial blessing during this season of financial need for Open Arms?

We need your help. How many days of life can you provide for a vulnerable child? Would you give $77 for a week of life-giving care? $330 for a month of life-giving hope and holistic healing? Just visit and choose the number of days God is placing on your heart. Whatever the gift, I am eternally grateful.

Serving with you,

Kaytie Fiedler Executive Director, Open Arms USA

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