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Visiting Open Arms Village

The first thing that surprised me about my trip to visit Open Arms Village was when my mom helped me get clothes together to donate to the kids. A large amount of the dresses were my size. (I am 16 years old.) This hit me in a certain way. I knew there were kids at the Village, but it was then I realized there were kids my age. Kids who were being formed into adults. That made the giving process more personal, the things I was giving were for young women and men my age, who had dreams and were trying to figure out next steps in life.... just like me.

Then we got to the Village...we met so many incredible people! Each one I spoke with had extreme joy and a dependence on God that was inspiring. One moment I hold dear was when we had dinner at one of the children’s homes. My dad, my brother, and I went to the Imani house. (Each house at the Village has a name with a special meaning. Imani means Faith!) We were able to sit down with the parents, ask questions and just talk. I loved talking with the mommy in the Imani house. She is an amazing woman of God. I told her about my dream career and I said something like, “we’ll see if that is what God has for me.” She responded with, "You will, you will."..... What faith is that?!? She trusted were I fell weak. That moment, and this lady's faith, is something that inspired me.

There were thousands of other moments worth sharing, and I pray and hope that God will give me remembrance in the times He gives me to share them. I am thankful for the opportunity to go on this trip. I enjoyed every moment. Thank you Open Arms for what you are doing!

- Team Member, Addison L.

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