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Two More Days!

Only two more days! This is how long we have to meet our goal of providing care for our seven new babies for 365 days. So far, you have provided 204 days of care for each new baby. It's not too late to help! If you haven't given towards this goal, please give today! 

Woman holding child

Why is this support so important? Here is Baby Elinah's story! This was shared by one of our Kenyan social workers at Open Arms Village: 

Elinah was born in the streets of Eldoret by a mother who was never concerned for her welfare. After her birth, the neglected baby and new mom were taken to the hospital where the baby was admitted for three days and later discharged. With no place to call home, a government social worker brought mother and child to a Rescue Center. The mother stayed there for two weeks before she ran away to the streets.

The mother stayed on the streets for two days with the baby before she started threatening to kill the child, claiming that she was a burden to her life. Elinah was rescued and was taken to the hospital again for a check-up. After she was discharged, the process of placing her in a children's home began, and sweet Elinah arrived at Open Arms International.

Woman holding child

This precious baby could have been killed without the intervention of those around Elinah. You are a part of that circle of protection for these vulnerable children. Please help Open Arms continue to say "Yes!" to every child that needs a home. Only with your generosity can we provide the help they need. 

As a Champion of Hope, your $11 gift provides one day of around-the-clock care, diapers, formula, clothing, medical care, and more. For many, this is the difference between life or death. Please pray about giving now and helping us reach our goal by June 15th. Thank you!

Prayer Focus

Please join us TODAY for a special day of prayer. Our team is focusing on these special prayer points from our Kenya office, and we welcome you to partner with us!

  • The Village Leadership – That they would be led by the Spirit and infused with grace and wisdom for their responsibilities.

  • The Local Leadership in Eldoret, Kenya – That the Chiefs in our area would continue to be full of grace and cooperation with our staff and teachers.

  • The Open Arms Offices in the United Kingdom, Texas and Oregon – That our team members would have great favor and open doors as they seek out new partners to fully fund all of the needs of our children.

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