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To Be A Child

Updated: May 2, 2022

When I think of childhood, thoughts of carefree summers, playing with friends, making up games and eating ice cream fill my mind. But, for the children who live at Open Arms Village, their childhoods have been marked by trauma. And this trauma has left deep scars on their hearts and minds.

These children have faced the death of parents, abandonment, and abuse. Some of the stories I’ve heard are too horrible to repeat.

Although this has been the experience of the precious children at Open Arms Village, we know that their Heavenly Father is their healer! And this healing is seen in their return to “normal” childhood.

They now are safe to play, learn, and create! Their inventions are full of childhood wonder and I am so thankful that God is restoring their hearts and minds at Open Arms Village.

You are the one that makes this possible. Without your generosity, these children would still be digging in trashcans for dinner or suffering at the hands of evil people.

For these children, you are a superhero! And I can’t thank you enough!

And if you would like to help these children on the path to healing, you can give by clicking either of the links below:

God bless you!

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International U.S

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