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Then and Now

Do you wonder if your prayers impact this world?  If your actions or finances are being used in ways that make a difference?  Let me tell you how your partnership with Open Arms makes an eternal difference!

Sarah and Sam grew up in the chaos and squalor of a large slum area with their abusive, alcoholic mother.  Survival and safety took precedence over education, so their school attendance was sporadic and their grades suffered.  Open Arms had a feeding program in their area of the slum, so the children looked forward to one large, healthy meal each day. 

Though a very young teen, Sarah tried to protect and care for her younger brother.  But their mother would chase her out into the streets, screaming for her to marry and get out of the house.  Then there would be no one to protect little Sam from his mother’s volatile anger.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, they would run to the safety of their neighbor as their mother threatened them with a knife in a drunken rage.  When their concerned neighbor offered to give them a safer, more permanent home, the mother then turned on the neighbor.  The traumatized children were returned to their mother, who now slept with a knife under her pillow. Finally, authorities stepped in and both children were brought into the safety of Open Arms.

Eight years passed.  With time, counseling and the safety and love of a Christian family, the two siblings found healing.  They love school and have done well.  Sarah is now preparing to enter university and Sam is in high school.  Both are grounded in the love of God and family and have grown into strong, godly young adults who will be the future of Kenya. 

This is just one of the 160 stories of the children in our care. We shared Sarah and Sam’s story because- YES, your prayers and financial support make a difference and are impacting lives for eternity!  We are so grateful for your part in this ministry to the children of Kenya. We couldn’t do this without you, our prayer warriors and Champions of Hope. Together we are making an eternal difference!

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