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Stephanie's Story

On a warm day in March, a group of unlikely sisters gathered in the community room of the Life Center at Open Arms Village. Black and white, young and old joined together for one reason…to meet with Jesus.

We all came with our baggage - not the literal things we carry in our hands, but the things we carried in our hearts. As we began to talk, it became clear that our similarities were greater than our differences. We discovered that we have the same kinds of problems! Health, financial and relationship issues know no borders.

Then each sister was asked to write down their most troubling and discouraging issue. The room got quiet as cries of the heart were put on paper. Soon, each woman held their burden in their hands. They listened intently as the story of the battle of Jericho was shared, explaining that praise was the weapon of warfare that brought victory. Hope began to rise in the room, like sunlight filling the sky at daybreak.

Women dancing on paper

Each of us was ready to fight!  We crumpled our lists, threw them on the ground and began to praise! We danced and sang as we trampled on our seemingly hopeless situations.

Worship filled the air and our hearts as we declared our victory over the enemy. We danced on our own problems and we danced on our sisters’ problems. And, in the end, we knew that our praise had changed things in the spiritual realm.  Hearts were healed and women returned home empowered to walk in victory with their families and community.

group of women giving high fives

This is the power of the Gospel, and this is the work of Open Arms. The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives, which changes families, which changes communities and nations!

Your donation to Open Arms International allows us to be on the ground in Kenya, bringing this life-changing message to thousands of hungry hearts. Thank you for giving!

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