School is Open!

Updated: Jan 18

Open Arms Academy is back in full swing! After a long break due to Covid, all of the Open Arms children are now back in class. The school has reopened for those outside of the Village that attend Open Arms Academy, as well. Children from inside the Village are studying in separate class rooms and strict safety measures are followed to ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy.

Though things look different, the children are so excited to be back in class! Going to school is not possible for many children in Kenya. Sadly, many schools were forced to close during the pandemic and are unable to re-open because they could not afford to make the required safety modifications. And for many children, their family simply cannot afford school. The kids at the Village understand that education is a gift that some never receive, so attending school is greatly valued.

Thanks to you, happy and healthy children are back in the classroom and ready to learn. Your support through prayers and financial gifts make this possible and I am so grateful!

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