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Peter's Story

He arrived on our doorstep last January, malnourished and scared.

Just a few days before, little Peter had been left on another doorstep - the front porch of a local government official. His only belongings were a few clothes and a blanket.

Peter smiling

Social workers searched for his family without success - then they brought Peter to Open Arms Village.

At first, Peter was shy and serious. His body was fighting some serious diseases. Though only a few years old, it was clear he had already lived through so much.

With time and love, Peter began to thrive. Now, over a year later, he is a lively and imaginative little boy! He moved from the Baby Home to a family home where he is loved and cherished. He loves meal time and playing make-believe with his siblings. Peter now radiates joy!

Peter in toy car

"I'm the ice cream man!" he told his aunties.

Each one of the 163 living at Open Arms Village has a unique story like Peter's. They are strong, beautiful children who have overcome incredible odds!

We can't care for these children without you. It takes just $11 a day to care for a child at Open Arms Village - providing food, water, clothing, medical care, counseling, education, spiritual care, and a family. 

Would you join us today?

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