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Orphan Sunday

For several years now, Open Arms has been part of Orphan Sunday - a day when believers from all over the world come together in prayer and action on behalf of vulnerable children. This year, Orphan Sunday is November 10th. Thousands of churches and individuals in over 90 countries will participate!

In Kenya alone, there are an estimated 3 million orphaned or vulnerable children. At Open Arms Village, most of our children have difficult stories of abuse, abandonment, neglect, or loss. Some, like Daniel, spend their first evening at the Village hiding in the corner of their bed, afraid of what might come next.

That's why Orphan Sunday is so important. It's more than just talking about the problem - it's sharing the hope. It's praying over ONE child, ONE organization, ONE story of redemption that's possible in Jesus Christ. And those prayers can change everything.

Little Daniel didn't stay scared for long. Before the evening was done, he was jumping on his new bed and yelling, "I love this place, I love this place!" His stomach was full, his body was safe, and his mind was at peace. He had experienced the love of family and the love of God! There are still so many children who need to feel that love, too.

Today, can we ask you to share about Orphan Sunday with your church? We would be honored and grateful if you spent a few minutes praying for Open Arms during the service. If you need more information or a prayer guide to help you get started, my staff or I would be happy to provide them. Just send an email to! You can also find more details at

Orphan Sunday is bigger than Open Arms, bigger than our local churches, bigger than Kenya. Let's join our church family around the world and pray for these precious children!

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