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Music Festival

What was your favorite extracurricular activity in school? The kids at Open Arms Academy LOVE to sing!

Last month they got a chance to showcase their talents at a music festival. The competition involved almost all schools from the county competing in different classes from traditional songs, singing games to poems, choral verses and opera recitals. In our region alone, over 500 schools participated in the competition! 

This year, Open Arms Academy presented singing games, poems, choral verses, and traditional songs. For the first time ever, our traditional sacred song was ranked highest in the county! Although they didn't move past the next round of the competition, we are so proud of our children.

We know it's important to keep them connected to their culture so they can be lights for Christ as they grow and transition out of Open Arms Academy into adulthood. Thank you for supporting and celebrating our children with us!

Prayer Focus

Pray with us for the children at Open Arms Academy, that they would grow to be people who know and love God! Pray also that they would become godly leaders in their families and communities as adults.

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