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Meet the Graduates!

Updated: May 2, 2022

I am so excited to announce that eight students at Open Arms Village are 2021 high school graduates! What an amazing accomplishment for each of these kids!

In Kenya, only about 35% of children graduate high school. Though the odds were stacked against them, YOU gave them an opportunity to get an education, which is not something every child in Kenya receives!

While these graduates are moving on to next steps in their education, other children are just beginning! In honor of their accomplishments, we are asking you to help their younger Open Arms brothers and sisters who are just getting started on their educational journey.

We are looking for eight people to honor these graduates by joining the Circle of H.O.P.E., our monthly giving program. Each new monthly donor will honor one graduate and give younger children the chance to finish school and reach their full potential. With your support, more children can graduate and escape the cycle of poverty.

When you join the Circle of H.O.P.E., one of the graduates will be notified of the gift you gave in their honor and you will receive their story, as well as an update on their plans for the future.

And, right now, every new Circle of H.O.P.E. gift will be DOUBLED up to $25,000!

If you would like to honor a graduate and give hope to a younger student, join the Circle of H.O.P.E today! You can join by clicking here.


Kaytie Fiedler Executive Director, Open Arms International U.S.

P.S. Joining the Circle of H.O.P.E., our monthly giving program, is a great way to increase the impact of your gift. Right now, every new Circle of H.O.P.E. partner will have every gift doubled up to $25,000! Learn more by clicking here!

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