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Jane & Joseph's Story

In December 2016, residents of a Kenyan village alerted the local chief about their growing concern for 16-month-old twins, Jane and Joseph. The twins, who live with their addicted mother, had not been seen recently and the neighbors feared for their lives.

The chief and neighbors broke down the door of the twins’ home to find them alone and tied with ropes at the ankle that had caused deep wounds in need of medical care.

Soon after, Jane and Joseph were brought to their new home at Open Arms Village. The adjustment to their new home was difficult. The children would scream with fear when someone would come near their feet to put socks and shoes on them. But with love and patience, their new parents gained their trust.

Now, the smiles on their faces tell the story of beautiful six-year-old children that are growing and healing. They are learning every day that family means love and safety.

Though many children at Open Arms Village have been rescued, many more still need your help! Even one left without love and safety is too many.

When you join the Circle of H.O.P.E., your monthly gift will assure that every need is met for every child, every month. Will you become a monthly partner today to help a children like Jane and Joseph?

Your monthly gift of any amount can change everything about a child’s tomorrow. Click here to set up your monthly gift now.

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International US

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