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Here's the Situation

Updated: May 7, 2022

Today we want to share a little bit of context for why this Always Open Arms campaign is so vital right now.

The number of coronavirus cases in Kenya has risen rapidly in the last six months. In many communities, people are crowded together with no access to clean water, sanitation, nutritious food, or basic health services.

Unemployment rates have skyrocketed because of the lockdown orders, and people are faced with an impossible decision: should I stay home and starve, or should I go out and look for work, knowing I will likely be exposed to the virus?

Not only that, but during the pandemic, Kenya has also been facing a locust invasion, flooding, and mudslides that have destroyed crops and homes.

The situation is truly desperate.

In the midst of so much suffering, Open Arms Village is a beacon of the hope found in Jesus. We’ve received several emergency placements of children who were in dangerous situations. We’ve given food supplies to those who were starving -- and that only scratches the surface.

You are such an important part of the Village through your support! Right now, we're asking if you would open your heart and arms by making a gift to help us respond quickly to the situation in Kenya.

Your gift provides basic necessities for the additional children in our care and allows us to continue reaching out to our community in every way we can. And because there’s no event this year, every dollar of your gift goes directly to that purpose.

Would you make a gift today at

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