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Healing Through Food

Amina lived the first month of her life on the streets with her mother in Kenya.

Her mother’s severe malnutrition and addiction took a toll on Amina even before she took her first breath. Neglected and unsafe from the beginning of her life,

Amina was rescued from the streets after one month and placed in the care of a loving family at Open Arms Village.

To combat the damage to her tiny body, Amina required very special attention to her diet and round-the-clock care. No one knew what she had been exposed to or if she would have permanent damage. But they did know that Amina was a priceless gift, and her new family would do all they could to give her a chance to live.

Days, weeks, and months ticked by, and Amina began to recover from the severe malnutrition she’d suffered since conception. Little by little, meal by meal, she was healing!

Though there were many setbacks, Amina received the specific nutritional support she needed thanks to the nutritious food that you provided. Thank you for being the reason Open Arms has gained a reputation as the preferred children’s home in the area.

Now an active and healthy 12-year-old, Amina is one of the 330 children who rely on you for the nutritious meals they need every day to grow and heal.

When you give to Open Arms, you help care for these children, providing them with all they need to overcome the challenges of their pasts and hope for a beautiful future. None of it happens without you!

“I don’t remember my life as a baby, but I know that I was very fortunate to get the care that I did. I see people struggling for food every day and I am grateful that we have access to food here.” – Amina

Having suffered through years of food scarcity and extreme hunger, many of the kids at Open Arms Village are still amazed they receive three meals a day. Others require specialized diets as they attempt to overcome the lingering effects of malnutrition or chronic illness. For these kids, food brings hope.

As you can imagine, feeding 330 children every day takes a lot of food. You can help provide nutritious meals for these children as they continue to grow and heal in 2024.

Before the end of the year, we need to raise $96,000 to feed and nourish all 330 of these kids.

Food is a major expense for every household, and Open Arms Village is no exception. Will you give to make sure these 330 children don’t have to fear hunger in the upcoming year?

A generous Open Arms champion has made a challenge gift of $60,000 to help feed these children in 2024! This will help provide 206 children with nutritious food for a whole year. We need your help to feed the remaining 124 children.

Your end-of-year gift will ensure that all of the children have the food they need to thrive. They are counting on you!

Only $24.19 will help feed a child for a month?!

You can help feed a child for a year for just $290.32.

$580.64 will help feed a hungry child for two years.

We made a promise to feed these children but we can’t do it without you! Will you help feed a child like Amina?

With heartfelt gratitude,

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International

A generous Open Arms champion has made a challenge gift of $60,000 to help feed these children in 2024. That means we're already over 65% of the way toward our goal of $96,000 to help feed all 330 kids in 2024!

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