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Happy Easter from Romania!

Greetings from Denisa Care Center in Romania! I am so excited to share with you that we are now serving nearly 40 children from families in our community.

So many families are facing very difficult challenges. Many parents have left home to work in other countries since the pandemic restrictions have been lifted. Others who lost their jobs now have very little to offer their children.

  • Stefan, just 7 years old, was left to care for his grandmother who is almost blind, while his parents went away to work.

  • Victor and Cristian also live with their grandmother since their parents left the boys while they go to work at a sheep farm far away. They rarely come to visit.

  • Marinela‘s mother left her and her sister. Their father comes home late, leaving the girls alone at home most of the evening.

However, because of you, the children who come to Denisa Care Center know that they have a special place where they are truly seen and known. They receive support with homework, have a healthy meal, and enjoy opportunities to play with their friends. When they are at Denisa, they know it is safe to be a child.

Though many children face sad circumstances at home, because of you, each of these children has hope! You are giving each child an amazing opportunity to learn, grow and flourish as you support Denisa Care Center. Lives are being changed every day! Thank you!

On behalf of the precious children and staff at Denisa Care Center, I want to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter filled with every blessing. I appreciate you so much!

God bless you,

Cami Cismaru

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