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Grace and Her Chickens

A new program at Open Arms Village is starting to change the lives of families in Kenya right now and I’m thrilled to share how we hope to help 150 more families just like Clifford and Grace!

Open Arms is working to break the back of poverty in the area surrounding Open Arms Village where extreme poverty is destroying families and leaving children without hope. Local families are finding hope through the new SILC (Savings and Internal Lending Communities) program.

Grace, one of the initial program members, worked for years as a day laborer. She struggled to afford to send her children to school and buy medication when needed and some days she was unable to provide food for them.

Grace had always wanted to raise chickens like her mother had done when she was just a girl, but Grace never had enough resources to get started.

After attending the training and starting to put what she had learned into practice, she took a business loan from her SILC group and bought her first chickens!

“In November, when my daughter did her class 8 exam, I didn’t know if I would be able to take her to high school, but then my business grew and she is now in school!”

- Grace

There are 150 families, just like Grace’s, who are waiting to join the SILC program. A gift of $30 can empower a family to start to lift themselves out of poverty and become healthy spiritually, physically, and financially by providing:

The impact of your gift will be huge for a family as they become a stronger unit, can earn an income to support their child’s physical needs and, with spiritual support, can make wise choices for their families and community. Will you help another family just like Grace’s find financial and spiritual freedom?

God bless you,

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International

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