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Giving Them a Voice

Updated: May 10, 2022

One of the most important gifts you can give a child, besides the love of Christ, is the gift of a voice. When they know their thoughts matter, they start to understand their worth - and they begin to use that voice to encourage others to see their own worth, too!

The kids at Open Arms Village are learning to use their voices. This summer, they elected a group of children to the Village Government. They voted in a President, Deputy (Vice) President, House Representatives, and more. The Village Government allows our kids to have a voice in what happens at the Village and express how different decisions impact them. They propose different service projects, practice their public speaking, and prepare to become leaders in the community and their nation.  

More than all that, developing the Village Government gives them the opportunity to experience elections in a positive way. Many of our older children lived through the post-election violence of 2007 in Kenya. Some of them were even orphaned because of it. Elections can trigger fear, anxiety, and uncertainty for them, and walking through a peaceful election, even if it's only within the Village gates, can help them learn that government is valuable, and it's possible to negotiate a win or a loss without resorting to violence.

When you support Open Arms, you are a Champion of Hope. Not only do you ensure their basic needs are met - but you also provide purpose and empowerment for these precious children. You are giving them a voice, and that voice will be used to empower others and change a nation. Your gift today is building a generation that will change Kenya. Thank you!

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