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Farmers Return Home

The odds seemed stacked against Ezekiel when his mother passed away. He was only 5 years old and his younger brother was barely a year old. Soon, his father passed away, too. Local authorities heard of their situation and in 2009, Ezekiel and his brother Abraham joined the Open Arms family.

After the outbreak of COVID 19, Ezekiel who had completed his time at Open Arms, decided that he would come and offer his farming services at Open Arms village. “I have learnt a lot from being at Open Arms. I came back because I would like to give back to the place that gave me so much when I had nothing,” said Ezekiel.

“I was overjoyed when my brother Abraham decided to work with me around the village. That is why I do this, so that I can help him see just how much he can achieve. All the children here are my siblings and as a big brother, it is my duty to ensure that they lead a good path in life.”

Henry, the farm manager who has been mentoring them said, “I am so proud of these two boys. I can see the effect they are having on the entire village. The staff are inspired and so are the children. We have children as young as 3 who are coming to the farm and asking how they could help because they see the wonderful work that these two are doing.”

Open Arms is dedicated to ensuring that every child at Open Arms Village gets the life skills and knowledge they need to not only survive, but to thrive in the world. Your gifts ensure that the children are raised in a healthy and holistic environment. Click here to give now:

Check out some great photos of Ezekiel and Abraham, as well as some future

farmers at the Village, on Facebook and Instagram.

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