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Emergency Placements

Updated: May 2, 2022

I just learned that four more children came to live at Open Arms Village today. One group of three siblings, ages 12, 9 and 7, had been abandoned.

They were living in a slum in Eldoret and have been sponsored to attend school by Open Arms. When their teacher noticed signs of trouble at home, he contacted a social worker at Open Arms to investigate. I am so thankful that he did!

Soon after, Open Arms received a call from a local hospital asking if we could take in a little 7-year-old boy that needed a home. Of course, because you make it possible, we said “Yes!”

Four more children now have a safe, loving home where they can heal and grow strong. They have healthy food, clean water, medical care, loving parents and so much more! Only with your help can these children be welcomed with open arms into our family.

Last week, I shared about our eight high school graduates and challenged you to join the

Circle of H.O.P.E., our monthly giving program, to honor one of these graduates. Today, you can also honor one of these new arrivals by becoming a monthly partner.

You can join today by clicking this link. Thank you for loving these precious children!



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