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COVID-19: A letter from our Executive Director

Updated: May 10, 2022

Dear Friend,

I know you love the children at Open Arms Village and are wondering how coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting them.

Because many of our children have compromised immune systems, we’ve made the difficult decision to place the Village on lockdown and ask all non-essential staff to stay home. Many mission teams have made the decision to cancel their trips.

The financial impact of these decisions is huge. We rely on mission teams to carry donated items and serve in important ways. Without their support, our monthly expenses will increase greatly in the coming months.

Life has slowed to a halt here, as I’m sure it has for you. Yet there are still over 150 children who rely on us for daily care and many staff members who rely on their income for daily survival.

Today, would you donate what you would've spent on coffee, dinner out, a movie or sporting event or even travel during this time? You can give right now at

Your gift will close the gap during this time of urgent, unforeseen need.

You can keep the children at Open Arms healthy, safe, and strong. Your donation of $55 provides five days of care for a child during this critical time. You can give right now at

None of us could have anticipated what these last few weeks have brought – but none of it surprises God. Thank you for meeting this urgent need with your generosity.


Kaytie Fiedler Executive Director, Open Arms US

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