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Coronavirus Impact

Updated: May 7, 2022

I’m writing today with an urgent need. Coronavirus has brought additional children to our doorstep.

Would you provide life-saving care for one child? It costs just $11 per day to meet essential needs – food, clothing, clean water, shelter, medical care, education, spiritual mentorship, and a family that loves them. You can give right now at

Just the other day, I received a call from a former Open Arms staff member: “Can they come back to the Village, back to safety?”

After 12 years at Open Arms Village, these two teenage girls had been reunited with family members earlier this year. At the time, their home was stable and their grandmother was doing well. Social workers checked on them regularly and helped them adjust to life outside Open Arms Village.

Then, the coronavirus hit.

Their grandmother, desperate for income, began brewing alcohol. Before long, drunk men were coming in and out of the home at all hours.

These two girls were extremely vulnerable… but they knew exactly what to do.

They arrived at our former staff member’s house with one request: to come back to the Village until they can safely rejoin their community.

For these sisters, the Village is the difference between safety and tragedy. Staying where they were put them at risk of rape, violence, and abuse.

In a time when other children’s homes are forced to close their doors and release children into unsafe situations, your generosity will provide life-saving care to those who need it most.

The District Children’s Office recently praised Open Arms’ gold standard of care and proactive response to the coronavirus. They will likely ask us to take in some of these children from other homes.

I don’t know how many more vulnerable children will be rejoining our family in the coming days and weeks.

These children are at risk of starvation, abuse, and coronavirus exposure. They are running away from other children’s homes because there is no food.

Now, more than ever, they desperately need the protection Open Arms Village provides.

You may be welcoming children back into your home as well right now. Like you, I want to say "Yes!" to every request to provide safety for a child.

You are the one who makes that possible. The only difference between Open Arms Village and the children’s homes that are shutting down and turning children away – is YOU!

Today, would you give as many days of care for a child as you are able? $11 provides one day. $77 provides one week. $330 provides one month.

Again, you can give today at

Thank you for saying “Yes!” to providing safety and care for a child today!


Rachel Gallagher President and Executive Director, Open Arms Kenya

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