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Community Outreach

Updated: May 7, 2022

What a year this has been! Throughout all the chaos and change, God has remained so faithful. At Open Arms, we’ve seen His faithfulness in a special way through you.

Thank you for your continued support of the precious children at the Village!

Because of your generosity, we were recently able to reach out and bless some children and families in the local community as well.

Open Arms Academy has over 70 children from the community who relied on us for daily meals. When school closed because of coronavirus, many of these children went hungry.

Just a few weeks ago, we were able to make a bulk purchase of dried goods to share with these children and their families. We also gave food to families from the Village Church, widows in the community, other children’s homes, and some of the older children who have exited Open Arms Village.

Over 100 families received bags of maize (corn), beans, and cooking fat. One young single mother said, “This is the most food I have ever had in my house. Thank you so much for thinking about me.” With this food, she will be able to feed her four young children comfortably.

Each bag of food came with a card that had a Swahili proverb: When we love each other, God is among us. Amen!

Thank you for supporting the work of Open Arms so these children and their families can have food to eat during this crisis. What a blessing to see God among us as we share what He has given.

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