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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Clara certainly knows what it means to experience hard places in life even at a very young age.

Everything was going well with her family until one day her mother decided to leave and take Clara's little brother with her.

Clara suffered with a problem in one eye. When her mother left, she told Clara, “I decided to only take your brother with me because you are blind.”

Soon after Clara's family fell apart, she began to attend the Denisa Care Center program. The rejection and neglect that Clara had experienced was very obvious. She was very timid and barely spoke to anyone.

It took about one year for her to learn that, at Denisa Care Center, no child is ever rejected or ignored. Clara began to thrive at Denisa Care Center. Not only did her grades in school begin to improve, but her countenance began to change.

Clara began to smile! She started looking at the teachers when they spoke to her. She was gaining the self-confidence she needed to succeed. Denisa Care Center was also able to help Clara with her eye issue, raising her self-esteem even more.

Clara is now a happy and confident girl. She knows she is loved and is definitely on a path to success. Unfortunately, there are many more children just like Clara in Romania.

Others are suffering in hard places with no one to help them learn how loved they are. You can provide a safe place for more kids to experience the love of God. Will you give to help more kids?

Thank you for giving children in Romania a bright future just like Clara has now. Your generosity is changing lives.

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International US

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